Slayer Guide

Ferox Slayer guide 


Different game modes:  

Instant Pker account earns 30 points per completed slayer task

Trained account earns 60 points per completed slayer task

How to start off slayer:

There are 2 slayer masters
Krystilia (wildy slayer master)
Boss slayer master (outside wildy mainly)
I highly recommend doing Krystilia as it gives easy tasks and will boost your amount of points an hour 

Slayer tasks skips 

So which tasks should I skip witch ones should I block? I highly recommend everyone skipping wildy boss tasks if you’re a  low slayer level and you’re aiming for points only. The fastest way to unlock all perks (explained next page) is trying to maximize your points per hour.  

There are 2 different way to skips tasks you can pay 5k blood money or pay 10 slayer points. I recommend everyone paying 10 slayer points as you farm 30 (instant pker account) 60 (trained account). This will not hurt you in the long run as sometimes you will have to skip 2-3 times. Remember the wildy slayer master tasks are easier and faster.


First unlocks:  

I would highly suggest to start slayer on a trained account and play on a trained account besides the 5% extra drop rate bonus you will also receive double points

With the following perk that will double again 

Instant Pker account 60 points 

Trained accounts 120 points.

After the double point perk you should aim straight for the world boss perk so you can teleport to the world boss as soon as it spawns guaranteeing yourself a drop.

(you must deal over 100 damage to world boss to receive a drop) 

After the world boss perk I would unlock double drops
On task  there is a 1/25 chance receiving double your drop. 

Highly recommend this.  



Treasure hunt is a perk that will make you receive
PVM caskets while pvming. These caskets contain rare
items such as  ankou pieces, 3rd age pieces and  inquisitor pieces. 

Next perk is the larran key perk. This key can be forged into a larran key LVL 2 and key LVL 3 via the forging table.

The loot table can be found within the collection log at KEYS. 

After the larran key perk you should unlock the key of drops perk. This key can be used on Legendary m boxes to give you a guarantee rare drop from it’s table loot. I wouldn’t recommend opening a legendary M box without one of these keys. 

They can also be sold in the GE for a good amount of blood money!  

 After the key of drops work your way to the drop rate pet ‘’Zriawk’’  This pet provides you with a 15% drop rate boost and costs 10k slayer points.
You can find this pet at the slayer master under ‘’Buy’’
This pet is tradeable and can be sold in the GE.

There are 2 more important perks I would suggest getting if you aim for drop rate! The 3% overall drop rate increase!                                                                         

         And the 5% extra for he pet!  

 You can get a total of 30% drop rate increase in Trained mode and 25% in Instant Pker mode. I would highly recommend everyone aiming for this!

                    REMEMBER 30%droprate boost IS MAX CAP! 


Slayer keys 

While doing slayer you can obtain slayer keys these keys can be used to open the slayer chest. This chest is located next to the edge bank. You should pick these up and use them there as there are some nice rewards in the chest! 


Twisted Slayer Helmet (i) 

Twisted Slayer Helmet (i) is obtainable by forging it at the forging table.  It has a total cost of 6,850 slayer points and has a 100% success rate at forging. This helm provides you with 30% increased damage on task. And 10% increased off task damage. Its currently best in slot PVM helmet and you should definitely get your hands on this one! It is also tradeable and can be sold on the GE.




Slayer monster locations + Teleports

Teleport location
Remember all tasks are located in the wilderness


Chaos Fanatic – Boss teleports
Crazy archaeologist – Boss teleports
Scorpia – Boss teleports
Chaos Elemental – Boss teleports
Callisto – Boss teleports
Venenatis – Boss teleports
Vet’ion – Boss teleports
Thermonuclear – Smoke devil teleport PVM
Giant mole – Giant mole teleport bosses
Jad – Have to be unlocked to kill fight caves teleport.
World boss – Unlock world boss teleport to teleport instantly if you don’t have this unlocked. System will automatically tell you where it has been spawned.
Chaos fanatic — ::44s and go south
Barrelchest – north of the Greater demons teleport
Zulrah – Boss teleports
Vorkath – Boss teleports
All god wars bosses – To do god wars you have to unlock the perk within slayer. Boss teleports GWD
Kraken – Boss teleports Kraken
King black dragon – Boss teleports
Kalphite Queen – Boss teleports
Dagganoth kings – Not in game atm, will be added soon
Cerberus – Boss teleports
Barrows –Minigame teleports Barrows
Corp — ::corp (this is in level 20 wilderness and is very strong, be careful)
Hydra – Boss teleports
Demonic gorilla’s – Boss teleports
Lizardman Shamans – Boss teleports


Regular monster: 

Zombie’s — ::Graves
Spider — ::Chins run north east
Skeleton — ::chins 5 steps north there total of 2 skeletons
Scorpion – Boss teleport scorpia
Rogue — ::50s Rogue castle north
Revenants — ::revs level 39 teleport
Pirate – outside ::mb at larran’s chest there is a pirate hut 40 thieving + a PICKLOCK is a must!
Moss giants — ::chins 10 steps north there are 3 moss giants
Magic axes – Fasest way is ::scorpia and run west REMEMBER THIS IS THE FASTEST BUT MULTI Single way use edge lever remember to bring a scimitar to slash the web and run towards the resource area. 40 thieving a must!
Lesserdemon – Boss teleports King black dragon
Lava dragons – Demonic ruins teleport run south west until you see a gate, its located in level 43 wild.
Ice warrior  — ::44s run north west you cannot miss this
Ice giants  — ::44s run north west till you see the gate
Hill Giant — ::easts run towards hills  located (West of ::easts)
Hellhounds — ::revs level 17 first npc’s you will see when entering the cave
Greendragons — ::easts or north of ::revs 17 inside cave.
Greater demons – Greater demons teleport located at pvp teleports.
Fire giant — ::mb go outside and run south east until you see the stairs going down. Go inside and the fire giants are all the way at the end of the dungeon.
Bears – South west of ::graves level 13 wild
Bandits – Bandit camp teleport
Ankou — ::revs level 39 and take the path west or go ::44s and run south till you see ankou
Smoke devils – Smoke devil teleport at PVM
Nechryael – 3rd floor of slayer tower
Lizardmen – Shamans teleport at bosses
Bloodveld – Second floor slayer tower
Abbysal demons – 3rd floor slayer tower
Abberant specters – Need nose peg can be found at second floor of slayer tower
Darkbeasts – pvm tele dark beasts
Black dragons – Would suggest killing King black dragon as better rewards
Black demons — ::revs level 17 inside cave run all the way north!

guide by-juicy