Remove pre eoc items
Fri 13-Aug-2021 |
Posted by Patrick

Hi there,

For awhile I have been thinking about this. Should we remove the following items from the game?

Korasi's sword and Korasi's sword (i)
Choatic longsword
Chaotic rapier
Choatic maul
Choatic staff
Chaotic crossbow
Ring of vigour
Dark ibis
Upgraded items such as the dragon dagger, granite maul etc
Ring of manhunting

We will then put back all bonuses of regular OSRS items back to normal. Such as elder maul, Dark elder maul, Ghrazi rapier etc. They have been buffed due to the pre eoc items.

This will also save the client alot of memory because 317 clients were never build to handle pre eoc models.
We currently use the OSRS model decoder and the memory spikes in the model decoding because its reading pre eoc models in a OSRS model reader.

Q: What is gonna happen to my bank
A: If your bank contains any of these weapons the item will be replaced with donator tickets

Q: How many donator tickets per item?
Korasi's sword - 500 and Korasi's sword (i) - 7500
Choatic longsword - 500
Chaotic rapier - 500
Choatic maul - 500
Choatic staff - 500
Chaotic crossbow - 500
Ring of vigour - 3500
Dark ibis - 4500 for top and body 3500 for helm
Torva - helm 4500 top and bottom 7500
Pernix - cowl 4500, top and bottom 7500
Virtus - Mask 4500, top and bottom 7500
Upgraded items such as the dragon dagger, granite maul etc - None

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